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Kevin T. Boyd
Design & Web Development Leader

Iteration is Eternal. The Web Moves On.

This was once Kevin's primary brand location. Perhaps you are looking for one of these fine resources:

KevTom.com - This is now Kevin's portfolio site & primary brand location

Kevin on LinkedIn - Mmmm, brandy

Kevin on Quora - Fulminations and bloviations

Frank Tales - Miss you, Dad

Strategy Card - Mysterious object from Tribal Leadership training

My Beetle - A writing sample from a while ago

Inside | Seating | Virtual - Pacbell Park - early interactive graphics

Voters Guide - another early producer package

Art Samples - Kevin stuff from the vault

Olympic History - Early interactive package, featuring illos by Jim Hummel

Political History - Another early interactive packge with the Hummelmeister

Tao of the Dow - Graphics/writing package on the investor spirit

Broken Hip - Still got the metal in my pedal

OK Google...do me!